Interior and Electrical

Before starting on the electrical, I sent my gauge cluster out to DandM Restorations in South Carolina. I had a number of updates done to the cluster. Here are some before and after pics.

I decided on using a Painless Wiring Muscle Car Kit. I wanted the new style ATO fuses, and with the amount of custom wiring (MSD Ignition, Aftermarket A/C, Fuel Injection, Custom Stereo) involved in my car, I didn't want to hack up an expensive replacement harness. The Painless kit included everything needed. The wires are all color coded to match original GM color codes. I needed to reuse some of the existing plugs like on the instrument cluster and the steering column. The plugs are not offered in the aftermarket. The wires for the plugs are terminated, and it's just a matter of releasing the old harness from the plug and pushing the new wires in to you old clip. Here are some pics of what's included in the kit. I've started the installation, but it take a little thinking to integrate these with my Fuel Injection and A/C harness.

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Now that my cluster was back from D&M, I assembled my complete dash on the workbench. Now I can install an remove it during wiring with just unplugging a few wires and loosening a few bolts. In these pictures you can also see the custom A/C control panel I retrofitted in the original dash. These are the rotary control that come with the Air-Tique air-conditioning system I purchased.

I've made sense of the wiring and have installed the Air-Tique evaporator and the complete dash assembly. The rest of the wiring will be finished after the car is painted. I've also installed the steering column, but these picture do not show it.

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