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Welcome to Jeff's Chevelle Website

Welcome to the new look of Jeff's Chevelle Website. All updates here are sorted starting with the newest.

August 2009

Wow, how time flies by. I've done a lot of things except work on the Chevelle over the last few years. The car is resting in storage until I get the space and income to finish it. You can read more about me, and what I've been up to in the "All About Jeff" button above.

For those of you wondering if you're at the right place, here's a glimpse of what my website looked like for the last 8 years:

Old Website

March 2002

I'm finally back to working on the Chevelle again. Had to take a break so I could purchase my 1st home and do remodeling throughout, including getting the smaller garage setup too work in.

Around the last update in Jan 2001, I did start the motor. The Barry Grant VFI was a complete failure. With a lot of time and money invested in that system, I needed a break to rethink my choices for induction.

For this latest update, I decided on a Holley HP950 carb, and also a complete change to a simpler ignition system using the Performance Distributors DUI H.E.I. System. Pictures of these updates can be seen on the Engine page. I still wanted to use my In-tank fuel pump with the carb, so I hooked up another type of bypass regulator.

I've also installed a my exhaust system consisting of a Dr.Gas X-Pipe, Spintech Mufflers and Torque Tech tail pipes. Pictures of this system can also been seen on the Engine page.

I will be starting the motor soon, and plans for paint & body work have been scheduled (once again) for Summer 2002.

January 2001

I've decided to go the complete Pro-Touring look with upgrades to the Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels/Tires. I've updated quite a few items, which can be seen throughout the website. The resto is moving along slower than ever, but I want to make everything just right. Painting and final assembly will be pushed out to an unknown date at this time.

September 2000

The last few months have been a slow waiting for parts months. Painting is still planned for October or November 2000. I still want to assemble more things first to minimize the amount of climbing around the fresh paint.

I've ordered a complete serpentine belt system from Street & Performance, and have installed pictures on my Engine page. I also have an aluminum radiator from Afco Racing, waiting to be installed, but detailed pics of the radiator itself can also be seen on the Engine page.

I'm currently installing a stainless steel gas tank from Rock Valley Antiques. This new tank has a built in fuel pump which will work with my Barry Grant VFI system. I have pics of the tank on my Body & Electrical page, but the installed pics will be posted at the next update.

I've decided to upgrade my brakes from the original equipment to Baer Brakes components. I've ordered the 13" Track kit for the front, and the 12" Touring kit for the rear. These parts have a long lead-time, but will have pics on my next update before the paint is applied.

May 2000

If you're reading this, you've probably noticed I have my own domain name now. My site will now be at and also with more web space, I have plenty of room for future pictures and other items. Don't forget to change your bookmarks. The forwarding page at my old site won't be up forever.

Over the past 4 months, I've accomplished a few things on the Chevelle. I have my wiring about 70% finished. Mostly terminating the front and rear harnesses is all I have left to do. But that won't get done until the car is painted. I've installed my Air-Tique evaporator under the dash and I've also retrofitted a custom A/C control panel into the original dash opening. Pictures of the A/C system can be seen on the Interior & Electrical page. I've relocated my battery to the trunk using Summit Racing components. Pics of this can be seen on the Body & Electrical page.

On the Engine page, you can see pics of the installed Jet-Hot coated Hedman headers, and the Complete MSD ignition system.

I've pretty much decided to wait on painting the car until I get more assembly done. I don't want to be leaning over the fenders and hauling interior pieces in and out of the car with the fresh paint job. The estimated paint application date is now October 2000. Then I can finish the car through the winter.

January 2000

I'm at my next phase of the restoration. I'm currently installing a Painless wiring kit, along with harnesses required for my fuel injection, air-conditioning and ignition system. Dreams of driving the car in summer 2000 are fading slowly. It's looking more like 2001 right now. I've updated the Engine Pics page, Body & Electrical page, and I also created an Engine Specs page for those wanting a quick list of parts in the beast.

April - July 1999

I've added more pictures to the engine page. I've got the the complete valvetrain finished and I've also bolted on the new Aluminum Cylinder heads and the new Richmond 6-Speed. Since early July, I've installed the Engine/Trans into the car. You can see pictures of the install between the engine and transmission page. I created a separate Transmission page, showing possible modifications needed to install the ROD trans into your Chevelle. I've sent the new intake off to Jet-Hot for a High Luster coating. I'll be posting pictures of that when I get it back. Next step will be deciding on Wiring and Interior. I plan on having the car painted this winter and hopefully driving by summer 2000. It's been a long process, but when I hear that 496 rumble to life, and get to go crusin' in my better than new car, it will be worth it.

January - March 1999

Well, I finally have an engine page setup with pictures. I received my shortblock from Speed-O-Motive in early January. So far I've buttoned up the bottom end and now I'm waiting for my ROD 6-Speed. After I get all these together, I'm going to bolt it in the car. I will install the top half of engine later this year.

November - December 1998

It's been a slow couple of months. I've been saving money for my short block which I just placed an order for in the beginning of December. I ordered a 496 short block from Speed-O-Motive in California. I will be updating my Engine section below in Jan. or Feb 1999. It will include all the specs on the engine with some pictures. Plans for the engine include full roller valvetrain from Comp Cams, Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads, Weiand Stealth intake and a Barry Grant Sports Claw. Stay tuned for updates around Jan or Feb 1999. I've also added a guestbook link to the website.

October 1998

I didn't get much done on the car this month. I'm still deciding on an engine. I would like to goto a stroker big block but don't think my budget will allow. After studying the Tremec 5-speed, one of my fellow Chevelle enthusiasts pointed out availability of spare parts 5-10 years down the road. So, now I'm also considering the Richmond 6-speed. Richmond has been around for quite a few years and hopefully they will be around for many more, especially if I buy one of their transmissions. No picture updates this month.

September 1998

I cleaned up the underside of the outer fenders and coated them with POR-15. I also cleaned up the firewall and radiator support and first coated with silver POR and topcoated with Blackcote (High Gloss). I did a test fit for the fenders and radiator support, then decided maybe it's best to wait on the bodywork until I get the engine and transmission installed. There would be alot less risk of scratching my new paint. So, looks like paint next year. So now I need to decide on an engine. I definitely want a Big Block. I'm pretty sure I'm going with a Tremec 5-speed. But I'll have to decide when it's time to fork over the cash. I've updated the body page with seven pics of the radiator support and fender installation.

August 1998

I finished installing brake and fuel lines on the frame. Then I lowered the body back onto the frame. I've updated pictures in the Frame and Body pages along with a description of the steps I did to lower the body and line up all the mounts. Also, I'm working with a friend over the winter to finish any necessary body work and apply the paint. I will be updating the body page throughout the process. We can take our time on the body since we have 6 month winters here in Wisconsin. As far as color, I'm thinking of either Canary Yellow or Corvette Yellow. Also, I'm going for the sleeper look. The only emblems that will be on the car will be the Chevelle logo on the trunk lid.

July 1997

I Purchased my '72 Chevelle in July of 1997. The car was in pretty good shape, but it lacked an engine and transmission. Instead of putting in an engine and transmission right away, I decided to disassemble the whole car and do a restoration. My plans are to restore the car to a modified/stock state. The Body and Interior will be mostly original. The driveline and suspension is where I will make my performance orientated modifications. I haven't decided on an engine or transmission yet.

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